Below are used items that have come into our possession through tenant abandonment, were given to us, are our own, etc. Prices might not reflect intrinsic worth, so please do your own due diligence before buying. Contents are not included unless specifically stated otherwise. Any known defects will be disclosed and there may be other unknown or latent defects which the buyer assumes all risks for. Photos may be edited for lighting, contrast and size. All sales are “As Is” and all “Sales Are Final.” Also, there is no implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose and there’s no implied warranty of merchantability. Moreover, there will be no refund or credit of the sales price for any reason. If you live in the area you are encouraged to make an appointment to inspect any item before purchasing. If shipping is required, and feasible, the buyer can request USPS, FedEx or UPS and the actual cost plus $25 handling would apply. If you email for more info or to arrange buying, please put the item name and price in the Subject field.

Bed, $750.
Couch, $750.
Wall Unit, $500.
Dresser, $500.
Night Table with Mirror, $350.

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