We use the HAR (Hawaii Association of Realtors) Buyer Representation Contract (BRC) because we believe it affords the best level of service to our clients by formalizing the relationship and specifying compensation. All Realtors can have access to the same MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data, but then that data needs to be analyzed, culled and presented, ideally by a knowledgable Realtor who's also a shrewd negotiator. There's always the possibility, despite the sincerest efforts of both the Realtor and client, that a property won't be procured and the Realtor won't be paid, even with a BRC. However, without a BRC that possibility can be compounded by the client working with multiple agents and also on his own, applying counterproductive pressure on the Realtor to avoid being critical of any property the client shows an interest in and to avoid intense negotiations lest further opportunities to make a sale won't occur due to competition from other agents and even the client himself. Also, dealing with FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) require the same expertise and sophistication in negotiations and closing (probably more because the seller, unlike a Realtor listor, isn't a professional).