Three Items:
1. GoVeg
2. Bike/Hike
3. Message Security

2. We have a small group of biking and hiking enthusiasts. If you’re interested in joining us, please
email me.
3. Four simple ways to send sensitive info (three for email and one for a browser):
#1. For Apple Mail users, see the method described in
S-MIME For Apple Mail.
#2. For Gmail users, there’s
FlowCrypt. (Use this contact page to send me encrypted messages and files.)
#3. For Mac, Windows and Linux users,
DeadboltEdit is a text editor whose encrypted files can be attached to emails allowing for secure sending and replying to email messages. (Naturally, the password for the file should be delivered separately from the email containing the file [see #4 below]).
SnapPass transmits info (eg, a password) securely via browser delivery of a one-time URL link to that info.