The following is a partial list of options. Any transaction or service fees are the responsibility of the payer, the methods and fees are subject to change without notice, and we may limit the methods. You agree to our contacting you using any of these, or other, methods for payment:

  • In person at any American Savings Bank branch: Account Name: Moses Realty, Account #: 05900-02430 (must email after depositing with your name, amount and reason for payment)
  • Bank to bank transfer
  • Zelle® works with banks and credit unions to make it fast and easy to send money to almost everyone, even if they bank somewhere else. Zelle® is already in over a thousand banking apps. To find out if Zelle® is in yours, search the list and get started here. If you already have Zelle® in your banking app, follow the steps to enroll. If not, you can still send money by downloading the Zelle® app. A U.S. checking or savings account is required to use Zelle®. Transactions typically occur in minutes and generally do not incur transaction fees; check with your financial institution. Use this email to send payment:
  • Google Pay: we would send you a request (new accounts installing the mobile app can use my referral code so we might each get a small reward: bd54b93)
  • Square, for credit cards or echeck: we'd send you an invoice; approx 3% transaction fee for credit cards and approx 1% for echeck (to calculate exactly)
  • Mail a local check or money order payable to Moses Realty to: Robert Moses, 801 South St, #2103, Honolulu, HI 96813